Food and Beverage

FridgeBarista makes cold-brewed coffee in the place it belongs

There are coffee drinkers and there are coffee connoisseurs. Coffee drinkers are okay with the instant stuff. Coffee connoisseurs will not tolerate anything that isn’t fresh ground and brewed. FrigeBarista is made with the cold-brewed coffee connoisseur in mind. The filter is made of stainless steel wire mesh while the rest of the unit consists of food grade plastic. The extra wide mouth allows for grounds to be easily scooped into the filter and room temperature water to be poured on top. While it does have to be stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours before enjoying, the height of the unit itself and easy-serve tap near the bottom allow for easy storing and pouring. For those who want an easy way to have the hot stuff one cup at a time, check out the Coffee Cuppa campaign. Busy corporate America urban-dwelling coffee drinkers might appreciate the Smash Cup for those mornings when they need to sip and run. This campaign seeks to raise $8,300. Backers get one product for $30 with an expected delivery of December 2014.


To Do Fridge Magnets help you stick to your schedule

Day Fridge MagnetsIn many homes, the refrigerator is not just the tall appliance for keeping food cold; it’s also a canopy of sorts for displaying kids’ artwork, photos, messages and other reminders. All of this is enabled via the power of magnets, a sign of the gods’ magic of that is beyond our puny human minds. Project creator Aaron Chan hopes to tap into this force, though, for the menial purpose of keeping our lives in order with large (3″ x 6″) To Do Fridge Magnets. One nice benefit of the modular day system is that you need only display the days when you have something critical going on as the whole set will take up a fair amount of refrigerator real estate. Chan has skipped a video for his “simple project” and taken the unusual step of putting limited quantities in all pricing tiers. Of course, if you’re interested in a very limited quantity, you can pick up some magnetic paper for your inkjet printer and print them yourself.