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Snore Circle could end the cycle of endless snoring

Snoring is a problem that many people suffer with for several years — often without realizing how much of a toll it’s taking on both their sleeping and overall health, as well as the sleeping and overall health of their loved ones.

Snore Circle is a device made up of a control unit and earplugs that works in conjunction with a mobile app for Android 4.3 or later smartphones and iPhones (4S and later) to detect snoring. It’s able to precisely identify snoring sounds using bone conduction and sound recognition technologies, and then intervenes physically with micro sounds and micro vibrations at 54 levels to stop snoring and allow the user to sleep better.

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SnoreCoach coaches you to sleep to reduce snoring

Snoring is a nuisance for both the person who does it and the partner who sleeps with that person because it can significantly reduce the amount of sleep both people get each night.

patent-claimedSnoreCoach is a small sensor that attaches to the back of the user’s shirt via a Velcro patch and communicates with a companion SnoreTrack iOS app that’s been designed to help change the wearer’s sleep patterns. The app helps users change their sleep patterns by prompting them to sleep in positions that are less conducive to snoring. The patent-pending SnoreTrack’s sound analysis algorithms identify people who snore frequently, and determine whether or not that snoring is likely to respond to more favorable sleep positions.

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Nora helps snorers to snooze and not lose

Anti-snoring devices can cut back on not only snoring, but the sleeplessness and annoyance suffered by people who sleep with those who snore.

patent-claimedUnlike Snor and SnoreNoMore, two recent devices whose inventors have sought crowdfunding for, Nora is an anti-snoring device that’s non-evasive, not requiring users to stick any tubes or other items inside their mouths. Nora is instead made up of a small white device resembling a mouse that gets placed on the user’s night table and is tapped before sleeping, and a flat, padded insert containing a mini pump that inflates and deflates when somebody starts snoring, slightly moving any pillow that it is placed in. That gentle movement stimulates the upper throat muscles and lets snorers’ breathing return to normal, without waking them or their companions up, according to the campaign.


SnoreNoMore promises silence in store

The Premise. Many adult men and many women suffering from nighttime snoring. Snoring is a symptom of an obstructed airway and can cause sleep problems and, in many cases, marital problems.

The Product. SnoreNoMore is a cure for snoring. This device looks much like an electric toothbrush without a head. It vibrates and has a soft rubber tip that is placed in the mouth against the soft palette to stimulate the area. This stimulation supposedly retrains the airways to work properly in order to alleviate snoring. The device is rechargeable and comes in several different colors. An accompanying Android/iOs friendly app allows users to track their progress with a snoring diary and reminders to use the device.

The Pitch. The campaign video begins with a cute cartoon of a couple’s distress over snoring. Hilmar Simon, the creator, then explains the mechanics involved in snoring and how his product works. He tells about how his father and sister’s snoring made their house shake which motivated him to search for a solution. Simon hopes to raise $140,000 with his 31-day Indiegogo campaign.

The Perks. For a $50 early-bird special, backers can enjoy the app alone. For $100, backers get the app and $50 off of their purchase of a SnoreNoMore. Only backers willing to fork over $350 can help with the beta stage of testing for 2-3 months, will receive the app and $100 off of the product, but still not the product itself. Only $1,000 gets backers the product, actually four of them, as well as the app.

The Potential. The idea of an actual solution for snoring as opposed to a temporary remedy is intriguing. Snore strips and mouthpieces must be worn every night to temper snoring, but the SnoreNoMore actually attempts to retrain the body to open up your nasal passages. The price of this product, however, is unreasonable and there should most definitely be a reward tier that offers one of the product instead of four. It seems that this should cost no more than an electric toothbrush because of how similar they are. Also, the video lacks any footage of someone using the product, and from the description, it sounds uncomfortable. Still, most would welcome a cure for their snoring no matter the cost. The app is also a welcome supplement for those who really struggle with this problem.