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FitHolster phone armband alternative targets weightlifters

Exercising and finding a convenient way to carry an iPhone might be the biggest oxymoron concepts of the 21st century. Which is why FitHolster was created. Whether its cracked screens, profuse sweating during workouts that eventually destroys a phone’s audio mechanism, or just a more convenient way to carry a phone while enjoying hiking and other great outdoor excursions, this product lets users keep their phone protected in a case and easily carried for better mobility during those extreme activities. Magnets attached to the material strap on the case help to hold the phone in place at the user’s waistband. It appears this product will be most effective for those who just like to have their phone to listen to music during workouts and don’t need to see the display. In addition, the positioning of the holder on the waist seems like it would be a little obtrusive to an intense workout.

For those who wouldn’t mind armbands if they offered better phone screen visibility and phone protection, consider the Recoil Armband. As for Sports enthusiasts who like using their GoPhone to try to improve their game, consider checking out the GoPhone iPhone Case. The FitHolster campaign seeks to raise $3,300 by November 6. For $25, early bird backers get one product with an expected delivery of December 2014.

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WilkWear workout shirt pads sensitive area

WilkWear  b53bdcf3492b003c13ccaca0c8b4272a_large[1]While weight training is one of the best ways to tone and gain muscle, it can sometimes mean enduring some bruising. For those who want the gain but prefer to avoid that type of pain, WilkWear offers a solution. This particular workout shirt has a padded collarbone area and is made of polyester and spandex to keep padding in place and your body comfortable during your routine. For $40, backers get one WilkWear with an expected delivery of May 2014. This offer is $10 off the anticipated retail price.