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Uten-sil raises silverware to a (slightly) higher level

Uten_sil 52a63e8206d9c92f76d6ef886259fe38_large[1]Why should smartphones have all the fun? The fork and knife finally have their own dock. For those who want someplace to lay their eating utensils during mealtime that doesn’t involve a napkin, the edge of their plate, or just on the table, Uten-sil Fork & Knife Rest might just make your day. The high-grade plastic and silicone wedge raises utensils slightly above the table’s surface so that there is less mess, potentially also keeping silverware free of tabletop germs. Prehaps the bigger benefit is keeping the tablecloth a little cleaner, assuming, o fcourse, that the utensils don’t get too covered in dropping substnaces such as sauces. For a pledge of at least $10, backers will get a two-pack of Uten-sil in their choice of black or white and an expected delivery of July 2014. Other colors and amounts are available for a higher donation, and it does appear to be a one-of-a-kind idea.

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