Xpodz hemispheres help your grip on mat exercises

Many athletes have suffered one injury or another during their active lives. As such, they can still be active, but must take care of their weak spots to avoid pain or further injury. Xpodz is designed for those with weak wrists. Push ups, yoga, Pilates and other activities are difficult for those who have wrist pain. Xpodz features round surfaces for athletes to rest their hands on with a flat base so that they remain stable on the ground. The ergonomic shape makes any wrist activity much easier for those with aching joints. Xpodz’s design originally started out by cutting a softball in half. For foot comfort, this product also comes with foot grips so that your feet don’t slip around.

This fitness tool comes in many different colors and will cost backers a donation of $36 for delivery in December 2014. On Kickstarter, this product hopes to raise $25,000. Many fitness classes feature wrist-free options for those with pain. Clearly, this is a problem among athletes, so Xpodz is a great way to avoid further injury. It’s also versatile in that it can be used in a solo workout or brought to a class to keep up with the rest of the folks.