Xpodz hemispheres help your grip on mat exercises

Many athletes have suffered one injury or another during their active lives. As such, they can still be active, but must take care of their weak spots to avoid pain or further injury. Xpodz is designed for those with weak wrists. Push ups, yoga, Pilates and other activities are difficult for those who have wrist pain. Xpodz features round surfaces for athletes to rest their hands on with a flat base so that they remain stable on the ground. The ergonomic shape makes any wrist activity much easier for those with aching joints. Xpodz’s design originally started out by cutting a softball in half. For foot comfort, this product also comes with foot grips so that your feet don’t slip around.

This fitness tool comes in many different colors and will cost backers a donation of $36 for delivery in December 2014. On Kickstarter, this product hopes to raise $25,000. Many fitness classes feature wrist-free options for those with pain. Clearly, this is a problem among athletes, so Xpodz is a great way to avoid further injury. It’s also versatile in that it can be used in a solo workout or brought to a class to keep up with the rest of the folks.

Health and Wellness Tech Accessories

Mousebar supports your wrist, won’t serve cats drinks

MousebarWorking long hours at a computer can be hard on your back, wrists and sometimes soul. It’s easy to forget that even while not in motion, you may not be taking care of your body. Mousebar is a product designed to be ergonomic and friendly to the human wrist. It is long, comes in several different colors and supports your arm from elbow to wrist on the side that you control your mouse from. While slightly clunky, Mousebar is great for compulsive computer-ites and goes for $19 early or $29 regularly on Kickstarter. Mousebar’s creators hope to raise $11,000 in their 30-day campaign.

Cell Phone Accessories

SmartBandStand holds your iPhone above the claw

smartbandstandUsing a mobile device gets difficult when we need two hands to do all the cool things a phone can do. SmartBandStand combines the handsfree nature of a wrist mount with the ease of a regular mount. This spider-like product clips onto your phone and either hangs out on your wrist or sits on a surface. The screen can be tilted up to make viewing easier. The SmartBandStand goes for $30 on Indiegogo, but oddly doesn’t get backers a stand itself, just a coupon for one by September 2014. This clawing mount/wrist accessory will need a staggering and apparently random $209,000 to compete with the other tons of phone mounts and wrist attachments out on the market.

Cell Phone Accessories Smartwatches/Bands

HeadWatch makes awkward transition from watch to headset

Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 3.16.01 PMWireless just doesn’t seem to be enough anymore, people also want their phones and other devices operate handsfree. Introducing HeadWatch, a self-not-so-very smartwatch that lives on your wrist and communicates with your smartphone. This clip-to-be-square device features a touchscreen and is detachable from its wrist strap so as to to enable its awkward form to clip to your ear for easier phone calls. One HeadWatch goes for $169 at an early price on Indiegogo and $199 at a regular price. The product’s Portuguese creator hopes to raise a staggering $300,000 in a 60-day campaign.

Smartwatches/Bands Toys

Moff wristband uses gestures, sound effects to make any object a toy

editors-choiceThe Premise. When it comes to a child’s imagination, any number of common household items can become tools for adventure or props to act out any number of fantasies. For centuries, the imagination has been enough to entertain, but what if there were real-world stimulus to add to the excitement of play?

The Product. The Moff band is a wearable snap bracelet that children can put on when they play make-believe. By syncing up with the Moff app on a tablet or smartphone, different modes can be chosen to simulate specified wrist movements into real-life sound effects for laser guns, sword fights, air guitar, or sports equipment. With Bluetooth support, acceleration and gyro sensors, and powered by a watch battery, the Moff is easy to put on and begin playing with immediately. For the time being, Moff only works with the five most recent generations of iOS devices, but Android compatibility is in the works.

The Pitch.  Moff CEO Akinori Takahagi introduces the Moff in a gentle, playful video that combines hand-drawn animation to represent the imagination and live play to demonstrate what the Moff is capable of. The entire presentation of all Moff’s campaign, from videos to pictures and even the app itself, is generally friendly and easy for children to understand and use as well. Moff is looking for $20,000 to get Bluetooth certification, finish tooling and bulk order the device’s internal components.

The Perks. A $45 pledge is required to get a Moff band for any child or child at heart. All products are expected to ship in July 2014.

The Potential. The Moff band is something that children should be very excited about, helping them bring their imagination into the real world. Having to be tethered to an app on a mobile device hampers the usability somewhat, as children will probably either still want to have a phone nearby to change settings or will be continually pestering parents to change the settings repeatedly. The novelty of these sound effects will be something that enraptures younger users, while those already attending grade school might look elsewhere for something more substantial. Still, children will love the idea of enhancing their play without having to break the action for sound effects.

Apparel Organization Watches and Jewelry

Nilly Bands keep your drugs at hand, ready for raves

Nilly Bands  a44306de8b94315e8b1d45643874362c_large[1]Dude, what’s that strange circular glow emanating from your wrist? Well, if you happen to be out at night, Nilly Bands might be a good conversation starter. But by day, it’s a bit more obvious that the mild mannered silicone watch-like wrist band holds meds, vitamins, or other really small items that you want to tote hassle-free. Choose from a flat or rounded lid, and if glow-in-the-dark seems too over the top, there’s always black, white, blue, orange or turquoise instead. They’ll eventually come in three sizes so that you can make your ankles glow, too. For $8, backers get the Nilly Band of their color choice and an expected delivery of May 2014.

Cell Phone Accessories Wearables

Wristker lets you take that call, hear that jam on your wrist

wristkerWristker makes looking like a secret agent talking espionage into your wrist possible!  Wristker is a large white, blue, pink or yellow device that lives on your wrist. With Bluetooth capabilities, a speaker and microphone, Wristker allows the user to listen to music on an SD card, listen to the radio and even speak on the phone. While not the most sophisticated wearable speaker out there, Wristker is good for simple consumers, who only want the bare minimum of techy flash. On Indiegogo, one Wristker goes for $20 with an estimated delivery date of April 2014. Wristker hopes to raise $4,000 in their 46 day campaign. More information can be found on their Web site.