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Mouse-Minder lets your smartphone know when it humanely captures rodents

When there’s a mouse scurrying around an apartment or a house, many people are simply content with getting rid of it as quickly as possible no matter how it’s done. For others, there a variety of reasons why getting rid of a mouse lethally go against their ethical or moral beliefs. Well, someone has built a better mousetrap.

The Mouse-Minder is a humane, non-lethal mouse trap designed to never hurt a mouse in the process of its capture. What sets it apart is its use of Wi-Fi to send an owner an email when a mouse is caught for timely retrieval and relocation. Its round design ensures for easy cleaning afterward so as to be used again if necessary. The Mouse-Minder campaign is looking for $119,200 in funding in order to ship the $65 product out by December 2015.

The Mouse-Minder lasts about a week with a set of 6 AA batteries, which are easy to find and recharge. However, this trap catches only one mouse while others can catch up to 30. Although there may be a demand for this product from big-hearted home and even business owners, most people just want the little critters gone.


The Nanda Pivoting Gutter System rains gutter gunk down upon you with nature’s mushy fury

Cleaning out gutters is one of the most tedious tasks that homeowners face. Not only is it disgusting seeing what gets scooped up, but it can also be quite dangerous.

In order to combat safety hazards, the Nanda Pivoting Gutter System offers a clever solution. Instead of forcing homeowners to climb up to the gutters, Nanda works with hinges and a pole to bring the gunk down with gravity’s help. The gutters remain upright until they’re tugged on by the accompanying pole. When the pole, which can reach up to two stories, is used the gutters flip, pouring their contents down.

All in all, Nanda provides a clever solution to a common problem, which is all a backer can really ask for. It’s great for older people who don’t want to climb up ladders to clean out their gutters. The campaign provides a helpful photo story of an old man getting hurt on his quest up a ladder, which is actually a little bit more comical than educational. The only question left is: Will the pole be long enough to avoid a gutter contents shower?

For their own, backers can donate $3,000 which will get them the system for a house 2,500 sq ft or under in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virgina only. Estimated delivery is currently set for December 2016 and Nanda is looking to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Connected Objects Home

Planty monitors plants, makes sure they’re feeling well

Plants are an excellent way to brighten up any home. But they need lots of care in order to stay alive. Most plants die because their owners aren’t sure of how exactly to care for them.

Planty offers a solution to that problem. With a sensor that goes directly into the soil, Planty sends the plant’s information via Wi-Fi to an accompanying app. It monitors moisture, soil levels, temperature and light. If the plant is too hot, a notification will be sent to the app. When the soil gets too dry, the app informs the user who can then deliver water to the plant with the push of a button. Planty’s smart pot is simply designed with a white round base that plugs into the wall.

Backerjack has seen many other smart planters like the Daisy and GreenVase. Planty sets itself apart with a sleeker design and a more versatile sensor. One will cost backers a donation of $99 with delivery in November 2015. The company seeks $100,000 on Kickstarter by May 23.


Handi Sani wipes bathroom germs off your toilet brush with a flush

Finding an easy way to keep the toilet bowl brush sanitized can be a challenge. But impressively, the Handi Sani self-cleaning toilet brush presents a hands-free way to make that happen.

The way it works is quite simple. The Handi Sani cleaning apparatus attaches to the side of the tank with one small hose running into the tank to take advantage of clean water, and another hose running into the toilet bowl for proper draining. The brush is placed inside the Handi Sani so that when the toilet is flushed, the attachment fills up with clean water while simultaneously draining the dirty water into the toilet bowl.

Interested backers might also like to check out RollPull, and Shower Shimmy. This campaign seeks to raise $178,000 by April 13, 2015.  Early bird backers get one product for $20 with an expected delivery of October 2015.

Chargers/Batteries Home

SnapPower gives USB an outlet with no rewiring

The best place to charge a phone at home seems to be “anywhere” but in many households stuffed with electronics and appliances, it’s difficult to sacrifice a whole outlet for the fraction of power needed to charge a phone.

SnapPower addresses this issue with an outlet coverplate that includes a small “chin” to accommodate a USB port. While there have been other ways to add add such a smartphone charging convenience, they have included undesirable tradeoffs between aesthetics and installation. Some products that are basically chunky rectangular power strips simply plug into the existing outlets, adding a lot of bulk to the outlet Stealthier products require playing around with wires.

SnapPower, on the other hand, draws power from the screws used to connect the device. Simply remove the old coverplate, add the new one, and you’re done. The company, which previously created an LED-based nightlight using a similar technique, seeks $35,000 from Kickstarter backers by May 15. Bundles of SnapPower coverplates — which are available in traditional and decor varieties — start at about $15 per unit and go down from there as the bundles grow. They’re expected to ship in August.

SnapPower offers an affordable and easily installed charging convenience. it would be nice if it could support two phones by adding a USB port to either end, but one can just purchase a few more for other outlets around the home.

Home Pets

Apartment Pet Door lets your antsy animal gallivant while you relax

Pets can be a great way to have instant companionship, especially when one lives alone or is traveling alone. But for as wonderful as pet companionship can be, some pets have fidgety personalities and simply can’t decide if they’d rather be inside or outside.

Apartment Pet Door is a modular pet door that provides an elegant and mobile pet door solution for owners with pets who can’t make up their minds. The door is adjustable — from 82 to 92 inches — and just snaps right into place. The flap on the bottom of the door allows pets to come and go as they please without requiring owners to actively let them in or out. The product seems easy enough to install and may be worth checking out for anyone with an indecisive pet at home.

Of course, more mobility for pets might also increase the odds they wander off and get lost or, perhaps, get fleas. That said, pet owners might also want to check out Tool2Find, Arden Collar, and Kitty Tub. This campaign seeks to raise $22,000 by April 16, 2015. Early bird backer get one door for $99 with an expected delivery of June 2015.

Home Organization

Bungee Bath lets your shower items bounce around without falling down

Finding places to store items in the shower, like shampoo, conditioner and body wash can often leave shower-goers frustrated. After all shower caddies can get old and gross after a while of use. That being the case,  ideas that can keep things clean, tidy and organized are certainly refreshing.

With a suction cup on one end and the bath product holder on the other,

Bungee Bath aims to do just that. Equipped with a suction cup on one end and product holders on the other, this product is extremely useful. Not only does it make bath items more accessible, it also promises keep things cleaner. The product seems to attach to most surfaces and should be able to fit most standard shampoo and conditioner bottles out on the market.

It’s unclear if the Bungee Bath truly reduces shower clutter. Further, the product can only hold up to 3.3 pounds of weight. Nonetheless, with color options available in blue, black and green, the product is certain to match most bathroom color schemes. Backers interested in bath items may also have an interest in Octaloofah, Reach for Me, and Wave Hooks, This campaign seeks to raise kr20,000 (~$2400 USD). Early bird backers get one product for kr45 (~$7 USD) with an expected delivery of June 2015.


Thermoneystat lets homeowners budget their energy usage, regulates temperature and cost

Utility bills are an inevitable part of life. It’s hard to keep track of how much money is spent on them and no one truly knows the cost of what they’re using until they receive the bill. Of course, by then it’s too late to do anything about it.

patent-claimed Thermoneystat is a thermostat that works in reverse. It lets the user set how much money they’d like to spend on heating and cooling for that month. In turn, the thermostat does its best to provide the most comfortable temperature at the best price. To do this, the system uses current energy prices, weather forecasts, and weather history to plan for the month. It also lets the user input their own scheduling preferences for maximum comfort.

All told, Thermoneystat provides an innovative way for homeowners to cut down on their energy costs, despite its cringeworthy name. To receive one unit, backers must donate $250, but it’s important to keep in mind that furnishing an entire house might require a few more. Estimated delivery is currently set for September 2015, provide the product can meet its $100,000 goal on Kickstarter by March 31, 2015.


Solo Tester zaps potential electrical wiring problems

The hassle and expense that comes with calling an electrician to resolve home electrical problems can be enough to make a person want to go back to using old fashioned oil lamps.

The makers of Solo Tester tout their product as simple enough for the average homeowner, but quality enough for a professional electrician. They designed the testing device is to test low to medium-range voltage electrical wiring, and it can help resolve power function and circuitry problems. A long-range audible signal allows the user to remain at the problem area and test for the problem at the source at the same time.

It’s a useful product for those who are handy where home repairs are concerned. Backers with do-it-yourself skills might also like to check out CaulkKnocker, T-Rex and Gatr. This campaign seeks to raise $25,000 by March 26, 2015. For $75, backers get one product with an expected delivery of April 2015.


Noon Blinds lets homes see and feel the light in fun patterns and colors

Window blinds come in a vast variety of colors, materials, sizes and shapes. It’s tricky to decide on which one to buy, especially when they all typically do the same thing.

Noon Blinds takes the everyday set of shades and puts a spin on them. The window shading system has holes in it of different shapes (polka dots, stars, and grids), and also comes in a variety of colors, including yellow, black, beige, gray and white. Any light that pours through is spattered into the room through cool designs. Increased airflow means that fresh air is allowed into the room as well. According to the campaign, the inspiration for Noon Blinds comes from the ornate windows in old estates and castles.

There is definitely a niche market for this product. Any creative type will certainly jump at the chance to purchase Noon Blinds. Others may find the patterns a little annoying. Still, Noon Blinds should keep going with the idea and produce more shapes—and especially colors—since its current offerings are a little boring. For one 24” x 118” blind in their choice of color, backers must donate $12 to the Kickstarter campaign, which is looking for $8,700 in funding by March 12.