Connected Objects Cycling

Noke smart U-lock protects your two-wheeler from a stealer

There have been no shortage of smart locks designed to protect the home. But many feel most at home on the road with two wheels hitting the road and a desire to protect what moves them there. Just last fall, Fūz Designs introduced the Noke smart padlock that kept lockers closed to all but the […]

Technology Wearables

Timer Smart Ring unlocks doors, phones and hearts

Fitness tends to be the main application featured in smart wearable devices. But the maker of the Timer Smart Ring is focusing on other uses for its device, including the ability to use the ring to open intelligent door locks, unlock mobile phone screens, or pass along digital business cards to other mobile phones using NFC technology. […]

Connected Objects Luggage and Bags Travel

Bluesmart connected luggage offers remote locking, weighing

The concept of luggage for all the travel we do hasn’t really enjoyed a major upgrade for the 21st century. With the idea that everything we own shouldn’t just fulfill one need but instead address every concern by utilizing technology, a piece of luggage that serves as just a bag is, frankly, very dated. The Bluesmart […]

Connected Objects Displays

SmarTock reinvents the clock as a giant widget for your wall

Once computers and smartphones began surfing the Internet, streaming videos, playing games and also telling the time as a bonus, the wall clock and the wristwatch became obsolete in a hurry. SmarTock is a wall clock for the 21st century. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, apps for weather, wallpapers, calendars, and more, SmarTock is designed […]

Sensors/IoT Tools

Noke turns smartphones into programmable skeleton keys for all your padlocking needs

The Premise. The potential of various innovations unlocked by technologies like smartphones and Bluetooth affect every aspect of life. Most items can be improved and made more convenient by leveraging these platforms, even things as simple as a padlock. The Product. Noke looks like a simple padlock at first, but it has no slot for a physical key or […]

Accents Connected Objects

Smart O’Clock keeps you on top of scheduled appointments

When planning a day around appointment notifications, there doesn’t appear to be a middle ground. Pop-up alerts or alarms either seem to happen too early to be significant and are quickly closed, or so late that the only option is to stop everything and run out the door. The Smart O’Clock combines the display of […]

Smart Home

AngelBlocks reduces cost and complexity of the smart home

The Premise. Home automation, until this point, has focused primarily on controlling basic devices such as switches and outlets. There’s plenty of other devices that, if connected to the Internet of things, would improve day to day life. Connected smart homes makes life more efficient, so it’s time that to raise the IQ of more […]


The Haikara Smartwatch brings long battery life

A new smartwatch has been launched on Indiegogo which offers a 7 day battery life from a single charge and has been specifically designed for fashion aficionados around the world and those that like simple clean designs. Available to back from $199 for … Source: Haikara Smartwatch (video)


Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video)

Geeky Gadgets Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video) Geeky Gadgets Christopher Shaw has created a new smart mirror called the Speculo which is now available to back priced at $150 and is expected to start shipping throughout the United States during August 2017. Source: Speculo Smart Mirror Unveiled From $150 (video)

Connected Objects Home

A little birdie told us that CuCu has reinvented the wall clock

No matter most do, time is a hard thing to really get a grasp on. Getting enough sleep, making sure meetings are attended and errands are done in a timely fashion — people routinely mess these things up. The team behind the CuCu wants to make it a lot easier — and more stylish — to keep […]