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Small, durable Keynade lets your keys hang around

KeynadePerhaps one of life’s major annoyances is that matter of frequently misplaced house and car keys – small but highly essential items. In an effort to put a stop to the craziness of trying to find them or remember where they may have been placed last, Keynade offers a key ring that has a hook for hanging keys in a pant or purse pocket. The solid, Aerospace grade Titanium sanity restorer also includes a bottle opener, tab lifter and screw driver that seems to be effective while still being TSA-friendly. This seems like it may be a rather quality product overall, but it might be even nicer if the hook functioned more like a mountain climbing clip. For $25, backers get one product with an expected deliver of December 2014.

Apparel Fitness

KeyClip keeps keys from bouncing in the breeze

KeyClipAthletes who enjoy running or cycling outside constantly face the problem of where to put their keys while exercising. They either run the risk of being uncomfortable or of putting their keys in an unsafe place. KeyClip is a small magnetic pouch that holds your key securely while you jog. It then clips directly to your clothing for safekeeping. The strong magnet ensures it will stay put, much like the Nunchuk clip. One of these clips goes for a $20 pledge with an estimated delivery date of October 2014. KeyClip hopes to raise $15,000 in a 45-day stint on Kickstarter.


Titanium Key Shackle holds keys and more with ease

Titanium Key Shackle   922cb82c12217938b20a9de8f2ed9153_large[1]There are few things more annoying than fumbling to find the right key when you’re in a hurry. Titanium Key Shackle not only holds and organizes your keys, but it also holds USB drives, keycards and other small items that people often like to have at their fingertips. While Kickstarter has seen other similar products, one nice thing about this particular key organizer is that it seems easy to set up and no modification of the keys is needed. For $18, a backer gets one product with an expected delivery of July 2014.

Accents Organization

Geco Hub organizer crams small items into its grabby grid

The Premise. Keys, bags, phones and other things are essential items for leaving the house. Most people opt to use a special bowl or shelf for their varied accoutrements, but their items tend to get messy when all thrown in the same place. Other storage systems that hang on the wall keep those important accessories in place, but can also make them difficult to access.

The Product. Geco Hub offers a way to keep your accessories handy, but organized at the same time. As the campaign refers to it in a way that tugs at the heartstrings, it is the “home for things without a home.” Using a series of rubber pegs and circles, the hub holds your stuff without poking holes into anything. The shelf is easily assembled and can be adhered or screwed into the wall. This organizational accessory comes in different sizes and colors including black, blue, green, pink and white.

The Pitch. Geco’s campaign starts with a video showing the different ways the product can be used and configured to make different patterns with the colors available. Simon Lyons, the British creator, is a little bland if charming enough in the video. The rest of the campaign shows different design possibilities for the wall fixture and details exactly what the reward tiers offer. Geco hopes to raise £35,000 in their 35-day Kickstarter campaign.

The Perks. One Geco Hub, which is a 5×5 unit, goes for £25 with an estimated delivery date of October 2014. Other perk levels offer different sizes of the hub up to a 15×15 unit for £269. Reward tiers go all the way up to £540.

The Potential. Other products out there have attempted to solve the whole key and letters by the door problem. Most approach it from a more direct stance like the InterDesign Key and Mail Rack that has hooks and a shelf specifically meant for key rings. The Geco Hub is more versatile in what it can hold and, according to the campaign, can hold a great deal of weight. This nifty product is also great for tools or even bathroom accessories making it valuable all over the house. While a little expensive, the Geco Hub is a cool and multipurpose addition for any home.


U-Hook provides simple, functional way to leave it hanging

U-hookHome improvement could use some improvement with more universal solutions to everyday problems. U-Hook offers backers the chance to hang up their clotheslines, suits, picture frames, and more with one simple product. With several different mounting options including a peg or hook option, this nifty, albeit slightly unattractive, product comes with dozens of hanging possibilities. One of these German-made household items goes for a steep £49 on Kickstarter with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. U-Hook’s creators hope to raise a very low £1,000 in their 31-day campaign.



Stiktag keyring employs NFC to unlock a path back home

The Premise. Few things are as necessary and as easy to permanently lose as keys. Not knowing where they were placed the night before is one thing, but what is someone supposed to do when those same keys could be anywhere in the city they live in?

The Product. Stiktag is a simple keyring that includes a unique URL, NFC, and QR identification that can point users to a means to contact the owner of said keys, get in touch with them, and arrange a hand-off. The keyring is durable and works after falling, being mildly damaged, and even after being submersed in water. By adding personal information to the site that finders are pointed to, owners can include photos to help them know whether or not they’re dealing with the right person and even include a monetary reward for returning the lost keys.

The Pitch. In an easy-to-understand video, Stiktag explains what the device is, how it works, and how the average user can use it to eliminate this universal problem. The company leads off with the telling data that at least 2 million people report lost keys to the police every year but fewer than 10% make their way back to the appropriate owner. Right away, it’s clear to see how Stiktag can solve this problem and the stress tests show that users don’t need to worry about the device breaking.  Stiktag needs $24,000 AUD to start manufacturing and place the first batch of orders, and at the $74,000 stretch goal, they will be able to ship faster and include more features for the site more quickly.

The Perks. Two Stiktags are available for the low price of $10 AUD, with an extra $5 for shipping outside Australia. Variants for backers are available at higher tiers, and at the $460 AUD level, a 10-pack is available that can be corporately branded for company property or brand advertising. Most rewards are expected to ship by May 2014.

The Potential. The Stiktag will certainly add a level of contact to finding lost keys that could help to recover them, but only through the assistance of others and only as long as the company remains viable. This is a pretty ingenious, low-tech solution to losing keys that might be improved with more tech and higher cost. Also, there is a significant worry that handling these transactions carelessly could help criminals find what keys they find belong to and help them commit crimes more easily, but it remains to be seen whether human decency and helpfulness is enough to change the stress of losing keys.


stuckToU lets your keys cling to walls like Spider-Man

stucktoUOrganization products don’t come much simpler than stuckToIU. With a name that sounds like it came from an ’80s pop single, the magnetic disc is affixed to your wall ready to hang your keys or other small metal object like an Old West outlaw. The video for the modest $3,500 campaign begins with a jerky slow-mo shot of keys literally being flung at the the stuckToU, which catches them neatly despite the clattering aftershocks from impact. After a $12 early bird, the reward prices shoot up to $45 for a “once in a lifetime” custom magnetic disc. The better course is to use a bit more of that lifetime to wait until the thing ships and pay $15 for it if you miss the early bird. StuckToU is slated to adorn the walls of backers in June 2014.