Food and Beverage

Tealightful timer times brewing tea, makes the perfect cuppa’

There is an art to brewing tea. Many tea shops recommend certain water temperatures and, more importantly, specific brewing times for different types of tea to get that perfectly brewed cup.

Tealightful takes the guesswork out of brewing time for tea. This product looks like any standard tea ball and the user can insert their own teabags, loose leaf tea, or herbs of their own choosing. To set the brewing time, just twist Tealightful and drop in the water. When the time is up, the ball automatically closes making sure that the tea doesn’t steep for too long. Tealightful is long with a handle that makes gripping easy and comes in white, beige, black or gray.

This is a nifty little product, plenty useful for those who love tea. All tea comes with instructions on brewing time and Tealightful makes it super simple to follow these instructions. Backers can have their very own for a donation of $25 on Kickstarter. If Tealightful can reach its $40,000 goal, backers will receive theirs by June 2015.

Food and Beverage Technology

Somabar intelligent bartender packs mixology into a box

A cocktail is one of those things that is easy to enjoy, but a challenge to create well. Precisely mixing the right ingredients is of utmost importance, but without practice the experience can quickly become a mess or result in less than stellar flavor. For many people, this ultimately relegates the cocktail to a luxury that can only be enjoyed at a bar, and never at home.

Somabar is a Wi-Fi enabled, intelligent bartender capable of creating perfectly mixed cocktails in under five seconds, finally bringing the mixologist home. Dishwasher-safe Soma Pods can be easily connected to it and filled with a user’s favorite ingredients, even boasting the ability to infuse bitters. Somabar thoroughly measures and mixes all ingredients, and the creations that result can be altered to a user’s preference using the companion iOS and Android app. In addition, users can create their favorite cocktails and share them to the Somabar community. The $399 Somabar is slated for a July 2015 delivery provided the campaign reaches its $50,000 goal.

The world of cocktails and mixed drinks can be overwhelming. Products like the Somabar are trying to make delicious beverages much more accessible by offering platforms that pretty much do it for you. Others like the B4RM4N and Connected Ozz also help users make cocktails but do so while teaching how to create them as well. Although Somabar won’t be teaching users anything, it makes up for it with its ease of use and dead simple operation.

Food and Beverage

Tailmo keeps party cups in place even as the world starts to spin

Whether it’s coffee, soda or otherwise, being able to take one’s choice of beverage on the road is comforting for any long trip.  While there are multiple cup holders out there, Tailmo was created with party-goers in. The special feature here is that everyone’s favorite little red cup fits nicely in something that’s magnetized. So whether it’s a tailgate party or outdoor sporting event on those really uncomfortable metal bleachers, the beer has a better chance of staying put until drinking it commences. And oh yeah, it’s insulated so that it stays cold, too – or the coffee stays hot when it’s time to sober up.

While this is a nice idea, perhaps some sort of lid reminiscent of a travel mug’s should also have been included so as to further minimize spills when walking or staggering from place to place. This campaign seeks to raise $75,000 by December 24, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $8, with an expected delivery of February 2015.

Food and Beverage Travel

Espro Travel Press presses together three different brewing methods

Here is an item for coffee and tea connoisseurs who are typically too busy to wait for that perfectly brewed cup of caffeinated delight. Espro Travel Press blends brewer, travel mug, and thermos in one. This revamped travel mug includes a filtration system so that hot water can simply be poured over coffee or tea leaves. But it also has a function for those who prefer to use the coffee press or tea press methods so those aromatic oils can be enjoyed, and the double micro-filters mean no grit to interfere with one’s enjoyment.

The double lid prevents leaks in backpacks, purses or briefcases, and since extraction is automatically stopped and the container is made of vacuum insulated stainless steel, coffee or tea stays hot for hours. It appears that the mug will fit the average cup holder in a car, though the circumference is not specifically stated. Still, the Espro Travel Press offers versatility and convenience to anyone who really values their morning beverage. This campaign seeks to raise $15,000 by December 21, 2014. Early bird backers get one product for $35 with an expected delivery of March 2015.

Food and Beverage

FridgeBarista makes cold-brewed coffee in the place it belongs

There are coffee drinkers and there are coffee connoisseurs. Coffee drinkers are okay with the instant stuff. Coffee connoisseurs will not tolerate anything that isn’t fresh ground and brewed. FrigeBarista is made with the cold-brewed coffee connoisseur in mind. The filter is made of stainless steel wire mesh while the rest of the unit consists of food grade plastic. The extra wide mouth allows for grounds to be easily scooped into the filter and room temperature water to be poured on top. While it does have to be stored in the refrigerator for 12 hours before enjoying, the height of the unit itself and easy-serve tap near the bottom allow for easy storing and pouring. For those who want an easy way to have the hot stuff one cup at a time, check out the Coffee Cuppa campaign. Busy corporate America urban-dwelling coffee drinkers might appreciate the Smash Cup for those mornings when they need to sip and run. This campaign seeks to raise $8,300. Backers get one product for $30 with an expected delivery of December 2014.

Food and Beverage Sensors/IoT

Smart Coaster measures liquid intake for those who don’t move much

Dehydration is a common problem among adults. No one ever drinks the recommended amount of water each day either due to lack of time or fear of bloating. Riding on the trend of every product imaginable smartening up, the Coaster Talk is a smart coaster. When a glass is placed upon it, it measures your intake of water using an accompanying app. Coaster Talk isn’t only for adults, however, it also works well for babies. By measuring a baby’s milk intake, parents can tell when to feed them and prevent overfeeding them. Coaster Talk will cost backers a $36 AUD (~$32 USD) donation for delivery by January 2015. This product is looking to raise $6,000 AUD (~$5,300 USD).

The design of the Coaster Talk limits its potential. First of all, the idea that one would use the same coaster for every drink is slightly off base. Second of all, it would be difficult to track water intake all throughout the day if leaving the house is involved. Vessyl, a smart drink container, detects what you’re drinking, keeps track of calories, hydration and caffeine intake. It makes more sense because it’s easier to carry around a cup rather than a coaster and has a larger range of uses. If the Coaster Talk can evolve to include more kinds of drinks in its analyses then it may be able to contender with the Vessyl.


Water Fall is a filtering system worth pouring over

Filtered water is all the rage these days. People simply can’t abide water straight from the tap as some claim it has a “funny taste”. For those who like filtered water, but don’t want to wait too long look to Water Fall. This filter takes the best ideas from the pour over coffee design by poising the filter over the water. It uses a stand to hold the filter above a water carafe. In this way, the user can filter as much water as they’d like, whether they want to use several pitchers for a dinner party, or simply filter a glass’s worth. The design of Water Fall is sleek and discreet. One will cost backers $59 for the filter, stand, two carafes and one filter for delivery in March 2015. Water Fall hopes to raise $50,000 on Kickstarter.

Water Fall is the best option out there for filtering large amounts of water. Other systems focus on one container at a time like the LiveWell Water Filter. It’s a pain to have to purchase filters from Water Fall, however, most popular systems work this way as well, like Brita. All in all, Water Fall may prove to be the most convenient option for pure water enthusiasts.

Food and Beverage Organization

Abacus coffee pod rack aligns your pods in hanging squads

Most of us use Keurig machines or something quite similar. As a result, our cupboards are inundated with K-Cups, pods, and other products. The Abacus Pod Rack goes in the kitchen and attaches to the underside or just side of any cabinet. Coming in several colors, this rack won’t be an eyesore. It stores columns of pods/cups to make choosing the perfect beverage easier. To insert, slide up and in. To remove, just pull each cup out. It holds up to 36 pods and attaches with adhesive strips. One of these Aussie products will cost $19 AUD. Abacus hopes to raise $15,000 AUD on Kickstarter.

With the prevalence of convenient coffee machines in people’s home, this product makes sense for storage. It’s more for the beverage enthusiast who has lots of different flavors for their brewer. There are lots of other storage options out there, however, like the DecoBros organizer that keeps K-Cups in a mini drawer. Nonetheless, Abacus comes with the perk of keeping your counters clear by adhering to cabinets. While this may be more for the finicky of heart, it’s a great storage solution for those little pods that fuel America.

Food and Beverage Kids/Babies

Sip Saps stretch to turns nearly any cup into a suppy cup.

Sip SapsSippy cups are jus tone more thing to drag around in the endless paraphernalia of kids’ stuff. Sip Sap offers a much simpler way to get your kids the hydration they need without having to clean up a huge mess. Conforming to almost any cup, SipSnaps are kid-friendly cup tops that stretch to fit the size of glasses you already own. These fun lids come in many different colors with a traditional sippy cup top or a straw top. For $20, backers can enjoy a set of three SipSnaps for delivery in August 2014. Sip Sap hopes to raise $28,000 in its 32 day run on Kickstarter.

Food and Beverage

Bevie Pro is what holds the holder for liquid colder

Bevie Pro  1da31537b7fa50dbcb8abbc1fd7e587b_large[1]For those of you who didn’t have the foresight to buy a patriotic (or at least Texan) lawn chair with a built in drink holder, Bevie Pro offers you the opportunity to redeem yourself. The drink holder product is compatible with soft drink and beer cans, bottles, most coffee mugs, and offers attachments for stemware, seamless glasses, lawn chairs without arms, and even lawn peg attachments. Its biggest competition might be the Universal Drink Holder, unless backers take a liking to Morella’s multitasking-drink-holding umbrella. But for those who prefer the Bevie Pro concept, backers get a complete product for $35 with an expected delivery of June 2014