Camping Luggage and Bags Tools

Qlipter is the final word in carabiners

qlipterWhen the carabiner made the jump from mountain climbing tool to everyday accessory, it seemed like the garment clip industry had pretty much reached its zenith. Now comes the Qlipter, a small and mighty device that looks like a standard carabiner but is capable of so much more. Made out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the Qlipter has a rotating hook built into its design, meaning that anything clipped can be hung and allowed to swivel freely.  The clip is also magnetized to help keep it securely shut for towing or hauling smaller items onto larger ones. Backers can get a Qlipter of their very own to hang onto for $20, delivered in August.


WorkingStick supports you, your stuff and your camera on the trail

WorkingStickCampers or hikers look for products with various uses to lighten their loads when they’re enjoying the great outdoors. The WorkingStick is more than just a walking aid, it’s a phone-holder, picture-taker, and quad-pod for holding your various camping accoutrements. The stick folds out into a teepee shape, has a screw for digital cameras and a slot to hold phones. Each stick has extender capabilities and can reach up to 60”. Early-bird-watchers will receive the WorkingStick for $55 or for a regular price of $59 with an estimated delivery date of June 2014. WalkingStick has a low $2,000 goal in its 29-day Kickstarter campaign.

Camping Tools

The Deuce of Spades lets you dig in, ditch the heavy trowel

The Deuce of Spades   0cb3e4ed7a667f62c1f681579bd002ad_large[1]Aaah yes! The beauty and peace and quiet of the great outdoors. Nothing like a good hike on a gorgeous, sunny day. And for those times when you find you need to go off the beaten path to take care of a bit of business, The Deuce of Spades lets you pair up with any tree in the forest. The 0.6 ounce aluminum  latrine digger is much lighter than other trowels, and is touted as able to break most types of soil with ease. But it doesn’t have sharp edges, so hard ground may render it ineffective. For $14, backers can choose from shiny red, yellow, green or blue- and an expected delivery of May 2014.


Quickey Multi-Tool unlocks your inner MacGyver

QuicKey  20140305131711-Cover_Specs_3[1]For those of you who have decided that a Swiss Army Knife is too bulky to carry around, Quickey Multi-Tool may be the multi-tool for which you have been longing. It’s about the size of a standard key and you can even attach it to your key ring. Quickey boasts of having five functions: a file, flathead screwdriver, scorer, bottle opener. and serrated edge that functions like a pocket knife. While not the first key-like multitool, the Quickey could certainly come in handy to backers, who can pick one up for $9 with an estimated delivery of April 2014.


SimpliFLY the hassle when you wanna be gone fishin’

SimpliFLY  679f9e814f2fab961029ab39ae01753b_large[1]Perhaps the hardest part of goin’ fishin’ is getting ready to go fishin.’ But at least you can get the drudgery out of the way in the beginning. SimpliFLY aims to make the hardest part less time consuming and put all the most important items right at your fingertips. The octagonal box comes with three zingers, so that when you get the big one you can quickly de-hook, nip, and straighten the line. There are also plenty of spots to organize and store other important items. Though SimpliFLY will retail for $70, a backer can get one for $38 through the early-bird special, which in this case may net a fish instead of a worm. Expected delivery is October 2014

Food and Beverage

Bevie Pro is what holds the holder for liquid colder

Bevie Pro  1da31537b7fa50dbcb8abbc1fd7e587b_large[1]For those of you who didn’t have the foresight to buy a patriotic (or at least Texan) lawn chair with a built in drink holder, Bevie Pro offers you the opportunity to redeem yourself. The drink holder product is compatible with soft drink and beer cans, bottles, most coffee mugs, and offers attachments for stemware, seamless glasses, lawn chairs without arms, and even lawn peg attachments. Its biggest competition might be the Universal Drink Holder, unless backers take a liking to Morella’s multitasking-drink-holding umbrella. But for those who prefer the Bevie Pro concept, backers get a complete product for $35 with an expected delivery of June 2014

Accents Lighting

Mogics moves from safety beacon to romantic dinner light

Mogics  0c4e8274d6edc88917be6df441b9758a_large[1]Mogics Light fits in your pocket or purse and may very well be a tri-functional luminary legend in the making. Your choice of a bright light for bike rides by moonlight, red signal for added rear-wheel safety, or a flickering candle-like light for romantic encounters upon arrival. Enjoy for up to 20 hours. But all won’t be lost in the end because it can be recharged with the accompanying USB cable. The magnet on the back of the light allows you to attach it to any magnetic surface, and it’s also waterproof. On the other hand, sinking is also an option. Just hold the button down while it’s in a body of water for underwater illumination. For $18 backers get a complete product with an expected delivery of May 2014


Mount Anywhere LED brings a glow to any strip

Mount Anywhere LED  9df63bb5edcaedadc248bd8b6cb253b6_large[1]Whether it’s home, garage, auto, or camper, hands-free lighting just got a bit simpler. The Mount Anywhere LED takes the frustration out of what you’ll find in a normal mounting system because it’s bracketless. The aluminum extrusion allows you to choose the mounting option of your pleasure: drilling holes, glue, caulk, foam tape, screw and nut magnets, redneck twine, heavy-duty fishing line…well, you get the idea. For $15, backers get a complete product with an anticipated delivery of May 2014.


Morella makes umbrellas into multitasking wonders

MorellaIf rainy days and Mondays get you down because it complicates bringing your java on the road, Morella has a solution that will likely make you chuckle with delight: cup holders for your umbrella. Each cup holder has a custom designed clamp that fits any umbrella, high-griped material for increased stability, and a specialized pivot system to keep drinks upright. By the way, when it stops raining, your folded umbrella can still multitask, functioning as a drink stand. Morella appears to be a one-of-a-kind creation for drinkin’ in the rain. For £10 backers can get their very own Morella umbrella transforming cup holder, with an estimated delivery of June 2014.

Kids/Babies Toys Travel

BoosterPalz provides backseat plush comfort for the wee ones

The Premise. Aahhh, yes, the togetherness and memories of family vacations.  And as any experienced road warrior parent knows, the best time to do a road trip with the kids is going to be early evening and into late at night whenever possible. This, of course, significantly reduces the frequency of questions like, “Are we there yet?’ And comments such as, “He’s touching me!” To which she responds, “Well, he keeps flinging his leg (or arm) over to my side!” When they finally fall asleep, it’s generally in the most uncomfortable (but funny) position imaginable.

The Product. So in an effort to make everyone more comfortable, BoosterPalz presents travel pillows for the kids. Your choice of Spotz the Dog, Alli the Cat, or KoKo the Monkey is sure to keep the necks of your little tigers and tigresses from getting cricks in them, while also providing cushioning for their heads when you hit those speed bumps on highway changes. They’ll be kept fast asleep and you will be able to maintain your travel sanity within your vehicle’s walls. The magnetic paws of BoosterPalz allows kids to retain their do-it-myself independence if they choose to attach it to a seat. A convenient front pocket is the perfect storage place for toys, games and snacks, which begs the question: but is it washable? Unfortunately, this excellent question is not clearly answered, but one would hope that the creators of the product considered this since it was their kids who inspired the product.

The Pitch. The video for the $15,000 campaign is rather lengthy in its detail about the pillows, and appears to be something of a family affair, complete with pictures of the kids and a little voiceover input from them here and there. Nevertheless, it clearly explains the product. It’s actually quite amazing how much they were able to find to say about travel pillows for kids. The travel buddies also come in multiple colors, depending on which snuggle critter your child chooses.

The Perks. There are 17 tiers from which backers may choose. The $40 early bird special offers backers their choice of BoosterPal, a water bottle, and includes shipping anywhere in the US. Higher tiers offer more travel critters. Estimated delivery is May 2014.

The Potential. BoosterPalz will most likely be the most beneficial for kids who have outgrown their first car seat and may even appeal to tweens and younger teenagers, depending on their maturity level. There are multiple types of travel pillows for kids available for purchase, though the design and storage pocket set the BoosterPalz apart.